Oral D Smart Toothbrush

With the advancement of technology, there are many innovative products in the market. As a gadget lover, I am especially excited about the birth of Oral D Smart Toothbrush. Launched by Oral D Company, Oral D Smart Toothbrush is truly praiseworthy.

Last month, some members of Technology Club and I had a chance to test this product. No doubt, it has many smart features. First of all, it shows its battery bar and a brushing timer on its LED screen. Unquestionably, we are no long afraid that it will run out of battery and we can ensure that we brush our teeth long enough to remove as much plaque as possible.

Also, there are more than 4000 micro vibrating bristles for cleansing our teeth, and a pressure sensor which can ensure us to control the pressure when brushing our teeth.

When I was brushing my teeth with Oral D Smart Toothbrush, it was so quiet that I could hear the foam squeezing in my gums. Being gentle, the numerous bristles embraced my teeth without hurting my gums. After brushing my teeth, I found that my teeth became white and clean without plaque.

I like these new features after testing this smart toothbrush. It comes as no surprise that not only is the cleaning performance outstanding but also it is user-friendly.

However, there is something I didn’t like. This smart toothbrush is expensive, which costs HKD 450. It is also heavy to hold as it weighs over 50g. Moreover, even though it has a pressure sensor, whether the toothbrush’s movement is right or not is unknown to the users.

Overall, Oral D Smart Toothbrush is a perfect option for everyone, including children and the elderly. I strongly recommend the toothbrush to people who enjoy new technology. Oral D Smart Toothbrush is really worth buying!

Ho Pui Yan (6A)

Love and Hate to Beef Burger with Double Cheese

I’ve written about my experience working at Mc-Donald, a household name for everyone, during the summer holidays. Although I‘ve only worked here for two weeks, many subscribers have asked me to share more. Well, indeed there’re many things I’m eager to share with you guys.

As everyone knows McDonald’s is all go and people are always packed like sardines at our shop. As a result, we, the staff, are always as busy as a bee. Never can you find a respite because the restaurant is located in Central, the busiest commercial area in Hong Kong. At lunch time, you can imagine there will be a lot of customers squeezing in. Meanwhile, there’ll be plenty of work left for me to do - cleaning the tables and preparing the food. These toiling jobs are exhausting.

But what’s killing me is the long working hours and the undue stress. It’s hard to serve those ridiculous customers who ask for unreasonable requests. Almost every day, there’re these entitled people who would ask for hot water to cook their cup noodles. Some take all ketchup and leave nothing for the others. No matter how many times I refill the ketchup packets, they’re always gone in minutes. I cannot help but feel irritated by these selfish people who have no decent virtues.

One dreadful incident, in spite of it having happened for months, has left a haunting memory in my mind. When the city was plagued by COVID-19, I was working in one of the shops located in the hardest hit area. Every time I went to the restaurant, shadows of death followed me. Still, being responsible for my job, I had to stand still and went to work as usual. One day, I was told that one of the customers had tested positive. I was then sent for quarantine at the notorious Penny Bay isolation camp for two weeks. Though I had never been infected, I must say being loaded with anxiety and desperation in confinement like this was excruciating. But I never regret going to work during the time. We’re just the people doing this main grunt work that has to be done.

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Au Ka Lam (6B)

A Fun Summer Holiday

It has been a long time since I last wrote here. If you are wondering where I have been, here’s the answer. Thanks to the Covid, we are not allowed to travel around this summer. Unable to go on a trip, I decided to go for a part-time job. After some research, I decided to work at a fast-food restaurant- Five Guys. I’m not working for money, but mainly to gain experience and to make my summer holiday more interesting.

I worked at the Five Guys restaurant at K-11 Musea. My shift at weekdays started at 9 in the morning and ended at 4 in the afternoon. Usually, I started my day by switching on everything in the restaurant including lights, electronic systems, air-conditioning, fryers, etc. While I was doing that, other staff would start to show up. We liked to play some upbeat music to pump ourselves up while we’re sweeping the floor or cleaning the tables. After getting the shop cleaned, we’d start to prepare the ingredients we needed to assemble the burgers. After all the prep., we would finally be ready to open for business. Working in Five Guys is so different from working in other fast food shops. I was able to try out different positions like working at the kitchen, taking orders, or even food delivery. We all wore different hats. Having worked the whole morning, I could finally have lunch at around 1 in the afternoon. After eating, I would usually be assigned to make the fries. And by 4 pm, I could finally get changed and leave. 

If you are wondering if I experienced any bizarre thing at work, then yes. There was one fearsome accident. It was a Saturday night at around the closing time. We were tidying up everything while a short, middle-aged man carrying a big bag came in. He was wearing a black T- shirt, jeans and a pair of Nikes’ trainers. I couldn’t see his face because of the mask. ‘Excuse me, sir. We’re closed’, I said when he suddenly grabbed a gun out from his pocket pointing at me. ’Give me all your money and get down on your knees! NOW!’ he shouted. We were all terror-stricken and started giving him all the money in the cashier. He also demanded that we give him all our valuables. When I was handing him my phone, I secretly sent out the SOS message to the police. In just 5 minutes, the police arrived and surrounded our shop. Several specialist negotiators were at the scene to speak to the man. Finally, the standoff was resolved and the man was taken away. It was definitely the most terrifying day of my life but I have learnt that whatever happens, we have to be bold and stay calm. 

I had been told many times how mundane it is to work at a fast food restaurant. But thanks to my wonderful colleagues, my time at Five Guys was so much fun. I will never forget the chill atmosphere and my family-like colleagues. That’s what I did this summer. What about you? Leave a reply to tell me! 

Wong Pui Yee (6B)

Announcement about a health fair

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow students,

Hoping to raise an awareness of health and well-being among our students, a health fair organised by the student union will be held on the 25th of September from 2 pm to 6 pm. All teachers, alumni, students and their families are welcome to join the fair and share the joy with us. Our school wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without the support from our students and their families. Therefore, in order to express our gratitude, we have decided that the fair will not charge any fee.

The fair consists of a wide variety of activities including yoga classes, mental health talks and aerobic dancing. In the hope of providing instructions on how to cope with your emotions under a stressful learning environment, we will invite a psychologist to discuss with us the knowledge of some common mental illnesses. Apart from learning more about your mental well-being, keeping a healthy body is also fundamental to academic success. With this in mind we have organised yoga classes for anyone who is interested in meditation and stretching.

Activities aside, we would like to invite 40 student helpers to maintain the security and order in the event. The helpers need to have the sense of responsibility and capability to remain calm when handling different urgent situations. Teachers and parents who are willing to help out are also welcome. Students that join our student helper team will receive a raise in their manner grading.

You are encouraged to join our student helper team. I am sure that your contribution and charity will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in becoming a health promoter, you may come to the classroom of 6B to ask me for more information during recess time or contact me through [email protected].

 Yip Tsz Ching (6C)

A speech on the importance of extra-curricular activities

Good morning everyone! Are you looking for a promising career? Well, of course, you need to pass the DSE examination with flying colours and receive university education. As a senior student, I want to share my experience about the extracurricular activities in which I have participated. After the presentation, you will surely find extracurricular activities fruitful and valuable. These experiences will benefit you a great deal in pursuing your career.

There are two extracurricular activities I have participated in. The internship programme is of paramount significance for students. Having acquired plenty of knowledge from school, we do need a place to flex our muscles and gain first-hand experience. I have a burning passion for accounting. I vividly remember the experience that I worked in an accounting firm. Before that, I thought that tasks involved only simple calculations like what I did at school and I could handle the work effortlessly. However, it is poles apart. Under a tremendous workload, I was worn out and exhausted. Fortunately, my colleagues are approachable and willing to give a helping hand to me. If it hadn’t been for them, I couldn’t have finished my work. The programme not only allowed me to gain first-hand experience but also let me realise that I still have much room for improvement.

Another extracurricular activity is the overseas exchange programme. Studying abroad must be an eye-opening experience for you as you will be studying in a whole new environment. An exchange programme provides you with an opportunity to sharpen your skills, some examples of which are communication skills and cooperation skills. For instance, I studied in Shanghai. However, my poor proficiency in Putonghua hindered my communication with the local students. It was like a wall between me and them. Irrespective of frustrated feelings, I still took full advantage of this opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds during the course time. After all, the programme can help me to become independent. In recent years, ‘kidult’ and ‘kongkid’ have become buzzwords. In this programme where I was far away from my parents, I learnt to depend on myself when I faced some adversities. I am convinced that the participants all came back with a stronger sense of determination, self-discipline and independence.

The aforementioned programmes can brush up on your holistic development. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, worthy of your concern and participation. In this knowledge-based society, the earlier preparation you have done, the more successful you will become in your future career. We should not only devote ourselves to studying around the clock but also take part in different extracurricular activities. Therefore, we can get a head start and gain an upper hand in future job applications. The programmes are a level-playing field for all of you to take part in. If they touch a chord with you, just give it a try! What’s more, the expenses of food, travel and accommodation are free. If the programmes are open for applications again, don’t hesitate to grab the golden chances to equip yourself!                    

Chan Chi Kin (6D)

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