Does Artificial Intelligence pose a threat to mankind?

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is here, there and everywhere. Many of us are living with it. We can see it in transport, such as private cars with autopilot; on the Internet, such as social media algorithms that recommend content to users; in retail stores, such as facial recognition payments. This technology seems to make our lives easier, but some people are worried that it could also bring devastating impacts to mankind. I will discuss the pros and cons of AI in this essay.

There are many advantages of AI. First, it will definitely make our lives more convenient. It is a fact that AI can work twenty-four seven, so it is more efficient than humans. If AI replaces human drivers of public transport, such as MTR, then the city’s public transport system can be operated day and night. People can get around anytime they want.

Furthermore, AI robots can help working parents to take care of their children and do household chores. This greatly improves the lives of these parents. Having more time since the workload is shared by AI robots, they can focus better at work and have more time to spend with their kids.

Another advantage of AI is that it can help solve some problems and crisis in the world, such as energy crisis and poverty. As we know, AI is very powerful. It can collect a large amount of data and make clever analysis. AI can then use the collected data to give suitable and effective solutions to the problems.

However, AI can bring risks. One worry of AI is that it may replace some jobs of humans, especially those that are repetitive and easy to do. Some people may lose their jobs as a result. Also, since AI can do almost anything, people may become too lazy. 

It is also possible that AI will one day be allowed to have complex thinking abilities. When this happens, disastrous consequences may occur. Famous scientist Stephen Hawking once said that the development of AI will spell the end of human civilization. When AI is too powerful and it has different goals from those of human beings, it may try to take over human beings and we will die out.

To conclude, we can see that there are both advantages and disadvantages of AI. I believe if humans are very careful about AI, their development could greatly improve our lives and be an important key to the prosperity of nations.

Li Kai Ching(5A)

A letter to the Editor – Facial recognition payment

Dear Editor,

Recently, an article in Hong Kong Post has triggered a discussion on whether facial recognition payment will replace digital wallets in Hong Kong. With regard to this issue, I am writing to explain why it has become famous and whether replacing digital wallets with facial recognition payment is a better idea.

Using digital payments such as Apple Pay or Alipay has become a norm for Hong Kong citizens regardless of their age. Payment is no longer limited to cash or credit cards. But in countries like China and the USA, they have even embraced the latest technology – facial recognition payment because of its convenience. For example, facial recognition is being witnessed in China’s unmanned stores which allow customers to ‘link’ their face to an app, meaning that shoppers are able to pay just by showing their face to the scanner while the products are automatically scanned by the product sensor and billed. The whole transaction takes around 5 seconds while shoppers may need 30 seconds to complete the process using digital wallets. Therefore, facial recognition payment has become more popular.

It is believed that facial recognition will replace digital wallets in Hong Kong. The most prominent reason is that it keeps users safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Facial recognition payment allows consumers to pay without cash or phones. Then coronavirus will not be passed on through cash (notes and coins) or mobile phone screens. When it takes off, Hong Kong people will definitely give it a try.

Secondly, facial recognition payment provides higher security standards than other security tools for payments via biometric identity verification. While using digital wallets, users need to enter a pin for authentication. However, with facial recognition payment, users just need to smile at the register to verify their ID. Their biometric features will not be stolen easily. It ensures the safety of customers.

As a future user, I perfectly support the implementation of facial recognition payment. As facial recognition payment has been stepped up in the rising numbers of sectors such as retail healthcare, and banking, this technology is growing rapidly in the immediate future to replace digital wallets.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong

Chung Suet Ying(5A)

Application Letter

Dear Mr Ma,

I am writing to apply for the post of travel agent advertised on SCMP dated 6th January, 2022. I believe that my resume and experience make me a perfect candidate for the post.

I am a Secondary Six graduate from Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College and really interested in field of travelling. I have participated in a voluntary programme named ‘Give A Hand’. In this programme, I went to multitudinous nations ranging from Mongolia to Vietnam with my teammates for various educational work. Many of them were American and British. The experience not only broadened my horizon to different cultures, but also increased my communication skills in terms of languages. Through this experience, I have become a better team player and developed a stronger sense of determination to pursue in travelling industry.

I have attached my resume for your consideration and hope to speak with you soon about your needs for the job. I wish to dedicate myself to the company with commitment in the future. Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

Lau Chun Yin(5B)

Green Day

I’m pleased to tell you that our school is going to organize the first-ever Green Day! It will be held on Saturday, 29 May from 1 pm to 4 pm. We welcome all alumni, students, teachers and their families to join us. The event aims to raise people’s awareness of environmental issues.

There will be a wide variety of activities ranging from recycling drive to organic food stalls. One of the highlights will be a workshop called ‘Green Bear’ in which you can make your own teddy bear. What’s special about this activity is that we won’t use any cotton for the filling. Instead, we will use some recycling materials like paper and plastic. Don’t worry about your arts and crafts skills! Our VA teacher Miss Voon and alumni will help you if necessary. We will take pictures of your toy and post them on our school website.

We will invite our alumni who are working at the global environmental organization The Green Peace now as the guest speakers. They are responsible for protecting endangered species, combating pollution and promoting 4Rs. They will share their experience of carrying out these challenging yet meaningful tasks with us. We believe that the talk can let the audience better understand how to protect our Earth.

In case you are not into the talk, there is also something for you. Do you want to showcase your creativity? Submit your artwork about energy saving to the Student Union. It can be a painting or sculpture. We will select some masterpieces to display in our school art gallery. Participants will also receive a mysterious gift prepared by the Parent-Teacher Association.

To make sure the event will run well, we need volunteers to do some jobs. Duties include helping guests in need and maintaining order. All students will get 3 free tickets of the Green Day. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can contact me at [email protected] for more information. Thank you! 

Hong Lai Shun(5C)

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my concern about the problems Hong Kong’s high rent create for young people. According to the statistics conducted by the Census and Statistics Department, the majority of the youth cannot afford the skyrocketing rents in Hong Kong. It cannot be denied that the rents in Hong Kong has been increasing drastically. This problem should not be taken lightly.

It is clear that the young generation hope to have their “dream home” due to the tight squeeze in their parents’ home. This phenomenon has become a common sight in Hong Kong However, it is ridiculous that the wage growth has lagged behind housing rents over the past decades. With a monthly income between HK $18,000 and HK $24,000, university graduates said almost half of their salaries would go into paying rent for a tiny apartment. The young Hongkongers expressed a sense of desperation and hopelessness.

There are several ways to remedy the issue for the young people. To commence, the government plays an important role in tackling the housing problem in Hong Kong. It is essential that the government should come up with housing policies. Making lands available for more public housing is one of the effective solutions. It is believed that rent will fall significantly because of the sufficient supply. It also helps reduce the financial burden and they no longer spend their salaries on rent. Young people will have more opportunities to rent or afford a flat and get on the housing ladder.

Another feasible solution is to offer a rental support to early-career youths. It is high time that the government and property developers subsidize their rents. Financial help should be provided for them so that they can afford the rents. It also gives them opportunities to save money for the mortgage payment. It is hoped that it can help them realize their dreams of having their own home.

I hope that these measures can help our future generations to improve their standard of living. The government should do more to help them to realize their dreams. We must not turn a blind eye to the difficulties faced by the young people, or it may lead to serious social problems. If the government do not take the action now, when is the right time?

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong

Yuen Long

Chan Sze Wun(5D)

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