Alcohol Addiction

Good morning teachers and fellow students,

I am Chris Wong, the reporter for the school newsletter. Recently I attended the KELY Support group workshop about teenage alcohol addiction. I was shocked to find out that some teenagers have started drinking alcohol when they were just 14! So today, I am here to share what I have learned about alcohol addiction.  

First of all, there are several reasons why students may become addicted to alcohol. Students have a lot of homework and examinations at school. Sometimes, if their grades and marks are not good enough, they’ll be disappointed and may become afraid of their parent’s reaction. They may turn to alcohol to feel relaxed and to get away from the problems. Peer pressure can also be the reason for alcohol addiction. Students are into the latest trends and think if they do not do the same things as their friends or peers. Often young people start to drink alcohol because their friends are curious and because young people want to fit in with others.      

What are the impacts and negative consequences of alcohol

addiction? Most importantly, it may lead to student’s mental health being infected. In time, and with continued alcohol use, they may not be able to concentrate in class and causes one’s grades to slip. Physically, student’s kidneys and their liver may become damaged or get a disease if they don’t stop drinking. Their health will become more serious and it may be easier to fall sick to other diseases. They could die tragically if they have extremely serious alcohol addiction.

What are the ways to cope with alcohol addiction? You may get help from others like the school counsellor, your parents, siblings or simply someone you trust. It’s important to get help from others and not face any problems on your own. The main message is to go and get support from others. By facing peer pressure, you should say no to someone’s invitation, change social groups, or join clubs to meet new people.

Most importantly, alcohol is not good for your physical and mental health. You can enjoy a drink if you have self-discipline and are responsible to know when you have had enough and are able to set a limit.

Lo Tsz Ying(2A)

A Letter of Advice

Dear Kelly,

        Thank you for your letter. I'm very sorry to hear about your problems. I hope I can give you some suggestions to help.

        First, you told me you have many tests at school and it makes you feel anxious and tired. Don't worry about this. I suggest you can make a timetable suitable for yourself because it will help you to study between play. If you feel tired, you may do more sports, such as running, playing football and playing basketball. As a result, you can stay healthy and less anxious by playing these sports.

        Next, your second problem is you don't have enough time to sleep as you have many school projects and you need time to study for your exams, both of which take up a lot of time. Don't get upset! Try to make good use of your timetable to manage your time in a better way. You should try to squeeze more time for rest. That's would be great if you can sleep earlier at night, like 9:00 p.m., so it helps improve your mood for your studies. It will not only help to boost your academic performance, but also clear your mind to cope with the exams and projects. Why don't you try this soon? Maybe you can think of a lot of ideas for your projects next time. Just try your best and don't give up on your studies!

        Finally, you mentioned your parents only care about your studies and you don't want to let them down. This is actually a good thing they care about you and think about your future. Why not talk to them frankly to let them know how you feel? Perhaps they can understand your feeling and become less pushy.

        If you need further help, you can write to me again and talk about your problems. Remember everything will get better soon.

Best Wishes,


Zhou Jia Ling(2A)

Dress Special Day 2022

Have you ever taken part in any meaningful charity activities? The Dress Special Day was held last week to raise the students’ awareness of the underprivileged. Students as well as teacher joined the Dress Special Day. Since the theme was “The Perfect Party Look”, they all wore beautifully to school to raise money and participated in a variety of activities.

During the morning assembly, all students went to the school hall. They were excited to attend a workshop which was given by a famous fashion designer. He gave us some tips on how to upcycle our old clothes. He also advised us to use accessories, such as a belt and necklace. We tried and stood out from the crowd.

In the afternoon, we had a fashion show. The participants had to wear the clothes they designed and performed on the stage. It was surprising that our classmates were creative and talented. We voted for the perfect party look in the show. The girl who won the competition looked great with her floral dress.

The highlight of the fashion show should be the cat walk show performed by our Chinese teacher, Mr. Chan. He was very strict and serious. However, we couldn’t believe that he put on a dinosaur costume. He also invited the other teachers to sing and danced with him. What a surprising performance!  We all enjoyed the show and cheered him up. The show raised about $6500.

It was unforgettable for us to take part in the Dress Special Day. Not only can we learn some helpful tips about fashion, we also raise money to help the needy. It was a great success. We should thank our principal, teachers and classmates. I look forward to seeing more amazing performance next year.

Koon Hoi Lan(2B)

A Shopping trip to East Point City

Last Sunday, my family and I went shopping in East Point City. That day was also my sister’s birthday. We wanted to buy her a special gift and also have a yummy meal in a restaurant to celebrate her birthday.

     When we arrived in the shopping center, we went straight to Broadway Lifestyle, which is an electronics shop selling all kinds of electronic products and gadgets. We bought an iPad there for my sister as the birthday gift. She was very happy with the gift. We believed that she could use the iPad to search information, which is helpful to her learning at school.

     Something special happened when we were having lunch in a restaurant. We heard people cheering outside. It turned out that they were watching the Olympic Games, which was broadcast live on the mall’s HD LED display screen. The people were yelling ‘Fight! Cheung Ka Long!’. When the host announced that Cheung Ka Long won the gold medal in the game, the crowd, including my family, cheered loudly. I was so proud of him because he won a gold medal for Hong Kong.

     This shopping experience was unforgettable. Not only could I watch the wonderful Olympic games but also celebrate my sister’s birthday with my family. I hope East Point City can organize more events for shoppers!

Chan Sze Yu(2C)

Cruelest Choice

My stomach was rumbling. ‘It’s been days without food,’ I complained. Mom raised her thin arm, gently stroked my head with her white furry palm, and said comfortingly, ‘let’s go further, maybe there will be food!’

‘Will there really be food?’ I said skeptically, ‘there will be,’ she said firmly. I held onto my skeptical attitude. I had a bad feeling. Not to mention there was also another problem - the thinning and melting of polar ice. We have lost a lot of our precious habitat. Now we could not even have a full meal. It was a problem and we had to detour to the sea to catch fish. There was no long-term solution.

When we were on the verge of starvation, there was a black mass of an unknown object on the ice not far away. My mother and I swam to it regardless of the situation, as if we had found the dawn of hope!

‘Is it food? I can’t believe my eyes!’ I said excitedly. But when we swam closer, what we saw was a tragically dead animal carcass, and the raging hope in our hearts was instantly extinguished. My mother walked over to the corpse and started to nibble on the meat. She handed me a piece. ‘We have no choice, in order to survive, this is our last resort,’ I kept convincing myself. Trembling, I picked up the rotten and foul-smelling meat and gulped it in one bite. I still didn’t feel full after eating it.

Mum saw that I was still hungry and suggested, ‘Why don’t we continue ahead and have a look?’ ‘Mum, I’m so hungry, I don’t have the strength to go on,’ I almost cried. ‘That’s only one way,’ she said determinedly. Before I could ask her what she meant, my mother bit the flesh on her arm alive, ‘Eat up, that’s all I can give you now,’ Tears rolled in my eyes instantly and I hugged my mom, ‘I’m sorry, but I want to live together!’ I growled. We cuddled with each other, but our strength started to lose on the ice floes.

Our story is sad in your opinion, but there are countless polar bears facing the same situation as there are other endangered creatures. Even though there is only little hope, they will never give up the possibility of survival. Have you ever thought what you, as human beings, can do to make a change?

Humans should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases so as to slow down global warming, thus, the melting of ice sheets will slow down. There are many ways to achieve this, for example, people should adjust their air conditioner to 25 ˚C and purchase high energy efficiency appliances to improve the situation.

There are other methods to save animals. Littering and throwing things into the ocean should not be allowed. Birds and other sea animals may have their heads caught in the plastic bags or rings. Fishes can get tangled in nets too. All sea creatures and birds may even swallow the rubbish thinking it is food and eventually die.

You can save us from extinction if you start with small steps. Our lives depend on you.

Liu Lee Sho (2D)

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