Charmain’s Restaurant Reviews

This new restaurant is one of the best in the Po Lam area. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I took my friend to this new restaurant and immediately fell in love with it when I first saw the modern design of the tables and chairs. Everything in this restaurant was so pretty!

When we went in, the staff greeted us with warm smiles. We picked a table and sat down. It gave me a relaxing and cozy feeling. We ordered mini French toasts as starters. They were crispy and so delicious that we both finished it in seconds!

Then, we ordered fried rice with chicken and pizza for our main course. The meat was juicy! But the portion of the fried rice was too big. We could barely. I really liked the pizza but my friend thought it tasted bland.

I recommend this amazing restaurant to people who love modern design. I really enjoyed the vibe and the food there. You shouldn't miss it!

Chan Yuet Yin(1A)

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Good morning teachers and fellow students,

Today, I would like to share with you my views on the pros and cons of online learning. I believe this topic isn’t new to us because in recent years, due to the pandemic, all students need to take online lessons. In fact, recent news reported that eighty-four percent of Hong Kong secondary school students spend one to three hours or more to have online lessons every weekday. Although we may agree it has been an interesting experience, there are definitely both pros and cons to online learning.

What are the advantages of online learning? Firstly, we can take the lessons easily since we can take lessons anytime, anywhere and all we need is just a phone! Also, we don’t need to leave our home to take lessons and we never forget to bring our stationary and materials as all of our study things are at home. For some students, it has been most convenient to learn online because you can go about your daily life, and attend the classes at the same time. For instance, if your teacher suddenly asks you a question, you just need to unmute yourself and answer. Overall, I think online learning has many advantages for students.

Online learning has some disadvantages. First, we spend a lot of time looking as a screen as we are using our phone, computers or iPad for learning. It has been proven that prolonged contact with electronic equipment can lead to poor eyesight and may lead to vision problems. Moreover, we often just stay home and isolate ourselves. We don’t even have any chance to go outdoors! Also, technological difficulties can be possible problems in our lessons. For example, we may encounter wi-fi problems, screen-sharing problems or sound system problem all of which interrupts our learning. Those various reasons may also slow down the learning process. Due to technological issues, there is no way for teachers to know the students’ progress. Finally, I believe one of the biggest problems for teachers can be that some students are not serious in class! At home, we have something more interesting to do than sit in the lessons, so we get distracted easily because teachers are not able to observe the students. During the online lessons, students often play on their phone, and they tend to do other things as there is no supervision.          

Taking both pros and cons of online learning into account, I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Although it is convenient for classes to be at home, there are more problems. Some solutions to the online problems could be to recommend that after class students can do some eye exercises to protect their eyes. Students can also take breaks and put away your phone when you are in class!

What do you think about online lessons? Can you also you think of other advantages or disadvantages to online learning? That’s all I want to share with you today. Thank you for listening!

Wong Chung Yan(1B)

A Personal Profile

Hello! I'm Chloe. I'm 12 and I live in Tiu Keng Leng. My hair is long and straight. I'm of average height. I'm slim and I seldom wear glasses. I am in Secondary 1 and I study in Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College in Hang Hau..

I would describe myself as sympathetic as I listen to my friends patiently when they're sad. I feel that I often give them good advice. However, I'm cold towards people that I don't know or I dislike, so I usually keep a poker face to strangers. I'm also pretty brave. I'm not afraid of riding on a roller coaster, nor am I scared of heights. I have a lot of hobbies as well. I enjoy skating, dancing, drawing and watching live drama performances too. I'm obsessed with K-pop and Korean stuff. My favourite artists are Wi Hajoon, Jeon Jungkook, Cha Eunwoo, Lee Felix and Choi Soobin. They're all Korean idols. I own a lot of their albums and photo cards. I like their personalities very much. 

I have a pet cat. Her name is Dordor and is a female almost 7 months old. She is a super energetic cat. She always runs around the house like a race car. But when Dordor is sleeping on the chairs or under the dining table, she is very calm and is super cute! She's very sensitive to loud sounds, so you'd better not disturb her nap! I'm teaching Dordor some tricks like to give me her paw so I say 'hand'. I am also teaching her to 'lay down' or 'move'! My family loves Dordor very much and of course she loves us too. Now you know a little more about me. 

Poon Hin Ching(1C)

My Role Model

My role model is my friend Cheryl. She is my role model because she is very kind and hardworking.

     She always reads many books such as fantasy, science fiction and crime novels. She is studying at a good secondary school now. Cheryl has good work habits as always studies very hard one month before her exams. She is always very prepared. In each of her exam papers, she scores over 90 marks and I admire her for getting such good grades.

     Cheryl is very friendly and kind. She always chats with classmates before and after school, and she treats everyone with respect. Everyone in both our class and our form like her, so she has many friends.

     Once, I heard a story about a time when Cheryl was kind and caring to others. Cheryl said that her classmate was being chased around and suddenly fell, then became hurt but nobody helped her. When Cheryl saw her, she helped to find a teacher to help the student. She was selfless and helped others. When her classmate’s wound was healed, Cheryl became famous and everyone wanted to be around her.

     Others at the school also think Cheryl is a good role model!

Luk Tsz Wing(1D)

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