Read Every Day

Read Every Day

Read as much as you can every single day. Carry reading material with you. That way you can pull out when you are waiting for a bus, at a shop line up, or in a bank line up. Read on the bus, or the MTR.  You can read a lot of material in those "spare moments."

 Don't limit yourself to "academic reading"  Read all types of material, fiction (stories or novels) as well as non-fiction. Read newspapers, books and magazines -- you actually remember more from reading printed material than reading something on the Internet. Read for different reasons – studying or interests. Most of all, read for pleasure. You will find that the more you read, the more you will enjoy reading. 

School Library Book Search
Books Recommended by S1 Teachers

Ms Irene Cheung

Matilda - by Roald Dahl

E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial - by William Kotzwinkle


Ms Wendy Sum

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – by L. Frank Baum

Beauty and the Beast – by Gabrielle-Suzanne  


Ms Alice Ng

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - by Jeff Kinney


Ms Michelle Ng

Can you Survive the Jungle? An Interactive Survival Adventure – by Matt Doeden

George's Marvellous Medicine - by Roald Dahl

A Study in Scarlet - by Conan Doyle


Mr Andrew Hung

Boy –by Roald Dahl

Danny the Champion of the World - by Roald Dahl


Ms Leslie Stitt

Gangsta Granny – by David Williams  

39 Story Treehouse – by Andy Griffiths

Books Recommended by S2 Teachers

Mr Gerry Wong

Frankenstein – by Mary Shelley

Great Expectations – by Charles Dickens


Ms Irene Cheung

Alice in Wonderland - by Lewis Carroll

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - by Jeff Kinney


Miss Celia Shen

The Old Man and the Sea – by Ernest Hemingway

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – by J.K. Rowling


Mr Andrew Hung

Boy – by Roald Dahl

Danny the Champion of the World - by Roald Dahl


Ms Wendy Sum

Hamlet – by Nicki Greenberg

Peter Pan – by J.M. Barrie

Books Recommended by S3 Teachers

Miss Celia Shen
Finding Audrey -- by Sophie Kinsella
Pride and Prejudice -- by Jane Austen
The Little Prince -- by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Ms Nina Fok
Can you Survive Storm Chasing? -- by Elizabeth Raum
David Copperfield -- by Charles Dickens
Olivia Twist -- by Lorie Langdon

Ms Wendy Ng
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon -- by Grace Lin
Pie -- by Sarah Weeks



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